Theatre Trippers


THEATRE TRIPPERS are a friendly group of local residents over 50 who are interested in visiting theatres in the Manchester area. We are offered various theatre productions at subsidised ticket prices.

The committee works closely with theatres to provide enjoyable productions as economical as possible and obtain seats in the theatres suitable for those with a variety of accessibility needs. 

Hope Mill, HOME, The Royal Exchange and Bridgewater Hall theatres have been the most commonly used to date, entertaining our members with a variety of shows from drama, comedy, musicals and more serious productions to suit all tastes. 

Theatre Trippers pride themselves on being able to help combat isolation and improve mental and physical wellbeing due to the socialising aspect of the group.

Come and enjoy an evening at the theatre with us!

Meeting information

Who to contact

Currently no meeting info.

If you would like to join or seek further information, please email Kathie at: 

[email protected]